100th-442nd Infantry
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One of the most decorated soldiers in World War II. The 100th had the dubious
distinction of being called the "Purple Heart Battalion" because almost everyone
who served in the 100th had at least one Purple Heart. Like the Tuskeegee
Airmen, the 100th Battalion/ 442nd Regimental Combat Team had to fight two wars,
one in Europe and one at home.
At full strength the 442nd only numbered 4,500 men, but this unit earned over
3,900 individual decorations.
-For more detail read the book "Americans:The Story of the 442nd Combat Team"

"Go For Broke" was more than a motto for the 442d Regimental Combat Team. At a special ceremony to honor the 442d, seeing only a few hundred men, the Divison Commander asked why the whole regiment was not present. Colonel Charles W. Pence
is said to have replied. "Sir ... this is the entire regiment."