Go For Broke Song
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Song of the 100th Battalion/442nd Infantry


History in every century
We recall an act that lives forever more
We recall as into night they fall
The things that happened on Hawaii shore

Let's remember Pearl Harbor
As we go to meet the foe
Let's remember Pearl Harbor
As we did the Alamo
We will always remember
How they died for liberty
Let's remember Pearl Harbor
And go on to victory


Four Forty Second Infantry
We are the boys of Hawaii nei
We will fight for you
And the red white and blue
And will go the front
And back to Honolulu-lu-lu
Fighting for dear old Uncle Sam
Go for broke we don't give a damn
We will round up the huns
At the point of a gun
And victory will be ours
Go for broke! Four Four Two!
Go for broke! Four Four Two!
And victory will be ours.